Why rechargeable lamps?

You're probably wondering why My Rechargeable Lamp specialises in the cordless lamps and rechargeable what's more. Not only is there a wide variety for a variety of needs. But what's more, they offer flexibility and unrivalled lighting experience . Don't delay in discovering our collection of rechargeable wireless lamp that will change the way you light your way to your heart's content.




Our rechargeable lamps are not limited to the portable lamps we already know.

At My Rechargeable Lamp, we've decided that the rechargeable lamp is not just for the uses that some lamps are already known for. Whether for torchesthe headlampsor those that are generally used outdoors. They're not the only ones who should benefit from thepower supply wireless battery. Although it allows them to be nomadThis property offers an undeniable advantage for table lights for indoor use. As a result, these luminaires of a new kind offer a mobility that will allow everyone to give free rein to their imagination for their own interior decoration.


Battery-powered or rechargeable cordless LED light? How do you choose the right one for you?

In the modern world, lighting has evolved far beyond the simple light bulb. The advances

Brighten up your entrance with a wireless indoor light.

Welcome to your home in light! A cordless indoor light awaits you

A powerful rechargeable torch

If there's one powerful rechargeable lamp, it's the torch. This one

The USB rechargeable lamp: simple and practical to use

There's no denying it, the USB rechargeable lamp brings real innovation to

Daring gold bedside lamps

Why should you dare to use a gold bedside lamp in your home? Before you

The reading lamp in bed: why is it good for you?

A reading lamp in bed means you can spend your last few waking hours in comfort.

Choosing a portable LED lamp for wireless outdoor use

You'll also find all the portable lamps such as torchesthe headlamps and others portable outdoor lamps. Not only will these have large capacity for a great autonomy of operation. But they also have a LED technology which offers an excellent light output : LED CREE, XML, LED COB etc... their field of action knows no limits. Whether it's for guarding, security night workhiking and other activities outdoor activitiesThere's no environment that will prevent you from exploiting the full potential of your lrechargeable mobile lamp



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