A powerful rechargeable torch

powerful rechargeable torch

If there is indeed a powerful rechargeable lampis the torch. This is undoubtedly the light source capable of producing light reaching a very long range. And to achieve such a feat, it uses a LED technology state-of-the-art technology that is constantly evolving. To make it work, the torch must be equipped withrechargeable batteries from large capacity. In this article, we'll show you how a powerful rechargeable torch produces the source of sound lighting. Then we'll tell you all about rechargeable torches the most powerful on the market today. But also some of ours. 

Rechargeable torch generates a powerful light source

Let's start by saying that the torch is, without question, the most widely used torch on the market. the rechargeable lamp the most powerful. In any case, it is one of the most powerful available today. This is primarily due to its ability to generate a very high large amount of light. In comparison, it will be much larger than what can be produced by a interior lightwhether it's a table lamp or a bedside lamp. This can also be said of indoor or outdoor lamps intended for decorative purposes. In fact, the intended use is not to produce a strong light and brilliantbut rather a soft light and decorative.

Quantity of light in lumen

The amount of light produced by a light source whatever it may be, is measured in lumen. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish it from another power indicator used to describe the characteristics of a light bulb. This is the electrical power it consumes. This is expressed in watt. What we need to understand is that it will designate the electrical power required for the bulb to produce a certain amount of light. As a result, we can also measure its light density at lumen per watt. We will see later that a rechargeable torch is so powerful that this density reaches levels unmatched by other lamps that use other types of bulb.

Long range 

Powerful long-range rechargeable torch

The other characteristic of a powerful torch is its scope of its light beam. It's not really designed to illuminate a large area. But it should light as far away as possible. It's easy to talk about distance which goes to more than 100 metres. And with even more powerful lamps, the distance could easily exceed 500 metres. Even if the power of the LED light determines the lighting range of the torch, it still needs to be complemented by other design factors. 

The first is the form. The lamp body has a longitudinal shape. The bulbs are located at the head of the lamp. They therefore condense into a small space. This allows them to concentrate all their lighting capacity in a single point. That's why the light flux also uses this linear form. 

For the second, the lamp head is closed with a convex lens. This has two roles. The first is to protect the bulbs and hermetically seal the lamp head. The second is to concentrate the light generated by the bulbs even more. What's more, some torches have the ability toenlarge image their luminous flux thanks to a telescopic zoom. We can therefore conclude that a rechargeable torch can produce a powerful luminosity which will not rely solely on the capabilities of its bulbs. It will also depend on its ability to optimise it through its design.

What type of bulb is needed for a rechargeable lamp to produce a powerful beam of light?

LED lighting: a logical choice

Powerful rechargeable torch light

It is obviously logical to equip a rechargeable lamp as powerful as a torch withLED bulbs. In fact, they have the incredible capacity to produce a amount of lightfar superior to other bulbs. Examples include incandescent and halogen bulbs. In addition, they have a much low consumption in electricity. To use the term light density, a LED bulbDepending on its characteristics, it may also have a density of 10 lumens per watt. In the case of the most powerful torches, this density can be 10 or even 15 times higher. This is because the LED bulbs used by the most powerful rechargeable torches can have an unrivalled density. Certain models of LED bulbs even have the capacity to easily exceed 100 lumens per watt

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IMALENT SR32 ultra-powerful torch

In fact, progress on the LED technology follows what is known as the Haitz's Law. It says that performances LED bulbs double every two years. At the same time, their production costs fall by 25% per year. In other words, we can expect bulbs capable of producing an immense amount of light in objects as small as torches. In fact, the American manufacturer CREE has just developed its MK-R LED bulb which will be capable of delivering a light density of 200 lumens for a single watt of power! So there's no stopping progress in this area.

Which LED bulb should I use?

Rechargeable LED torch bulbs

For a rechargeable torch, however powerful, to produce its incredible beam of light, it needs a very high quality bulb. high performance. Because it's compact, there's not a lot of space for it. TheLED bulb is itself capable of producing a large quantity of light. That's why this type of bulb is available from the American manufacturer CREE. 

The most powerful rechargeable torches available today are equipped with CREE LED bulbs. To give you an idea of their great capacity, a CREE LED XHP 70.2 high performance bulb alone can generate a quantity of light of 4292 lumens ! However, it will need a electrical power from 29 watts to be able to produce it. But it doesn't matter, because that represents a light density of almost 150 lumens for a single watt! So we're a long way from the 10 lumens per watt seen above. 

How can an LED bulb generate its most powerful light?

For the light from your rechargeable torch to be powerful enough, you need an LED bulb with the capacity to generate it. Of course, depending on the size of the torch, you could use more than one. This would also keep the size of a torch down. But relying on the LED bulb alone won't be enough. It will need to be powered. 

So the best way to get the LED bulb to generate its most powerful light is to provide it with the electrical power as high as it can withstand. In fact, the torch will be designed to exploit its limits. To take the example of the XHP70 LED bulb, it will accept a maximum electrical power from 29 Watts. So when you change lighting mode on a torch, you're going to vary the power delivered by its rechargeable batteries.

IMALENT MS03 powerful flashlight

Powerful lighting means large battery capacity

For a battery rechargeable to power a lamp with such a powerful light source, it must have the capacity to do so. Each battery has a capacity expressed in milliampere hours (mAh) and its electrical properties. They must then be sufficient to operate the lamp for one hour. long operating life with a good brightness level. To roughly understand the link between a light bulb and a battery, we can imagine a car engine and its petrol tank.

Understanding how a rechargeable battery powers a light source

Let's take the absurd example of a lamp that produces 1,000 lumens with an LED bulb. It can generate this amount of light with just 10 watts. To make it work, we fit it with a lithium ion battery from 3,600 mAh (or 3.6 Amperes per hour) and 3.6 volts. In other words, our battery here will be able to deliver an electrical power of (3.6 A/h x 3.6 V) = 12.96 or 13 watts per hour rounded off. So our bulb, which only needs 10 watts to work for an hour, ends up with a battery that can give it 13 watts. In other words, it will be able to operate it for more than an hour or Approx. 1h20. Of course, we're not taking into account the electronic components that manage all of this perfectly, to optimise the lighting capacities of the lamp.

Increasing the number of rechargeable batteries = increasing the total capacity of the lamp

However, a batteryno matter what composition (li-ion, lithium, etc.) is limited by its properties. So if a single battery is not enough to power the light source of a rechargeable torch that's a little too powerful, there are two solutions: either choose a more powerful one, or use several. But here again, there's a fine balance to be struck between the properties of the light source and its power supply. With all the technology that goes into a powerful rechargeable torch, they can only work together to optimise and enhance their performance.

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The most powerful rechargeable torch on the market

Now that we know a little more about how a rechargeable torch works to emit its most powerful light, let's take a look at the one that has unquestionably been the talk of the town for its incredible brightness.

MS18 most powerful rechargeable torch

100,000 lumens of white light!

It's being hailed as the most powerful rechargeable torch on the market. It needs no introduction: it's the MS18 torch from IMALENT. And how can we not talk about it when it can generate a light beam of extraordinary power! In fact, no less than 100,000 lumens which are expelled from its 18 Cree XHP70.2 LED bulbs at turbo mode. Taking the ratio between this large quantity of light and the number of bulbs, each bulb produces the equivalent of 5555 lumens.

Astronomical light density

According to the technical characteristics of a CREE XHP70.2 LED bulbhas a maximum density of 181 lumens/W. This would mean, therefore, that with its turbo mode, it feeds on a more powerful fuel. high power from electric current which is 31 watts ! Visit 2 more watts than the maximum power it can accept. Obviously, this is a mode that should only be used briefly to avoid damaging the bulbs. 

The "little" disadvantages of such a powerful rechargeable torch

To protect its integrity, the MS18 lamp uses fan cooling. With this lighting mode If the light is out of the ordinary, you need to be careful. Normally, an LED bulb does not heat up than others. But it's easy to imagine that the amount of energy consumed to make full use of its luminous capacity generates heat. The resistance effect is partly to blame. Finally, in addition to all this "micro-scientific study", this powerful lamp IMALENT MS18 will impress anyone. It's like carrying around a little sunshine. What's more, with almost 2 kilos to carry, it comes with a shoulder strap for ease of transport. Especially if you need to take it on an expedition for several hours. 

An even more powerful rechargeable torch

However, the MS18 won't be standing alone rechargeable LED torch the most powerful for a very long time. In fact, IMALENT has just released its new SR32 rechargeable LED torch ultra powerful. And now, it's not 18 but 32 bulbs! LED Cree XHP50.3 3rd generation high performance systems that will produce no less than 120,000 lumens. Always in Turbo mode, of course. The light range will also be extended with 2080 metres at full power. And to restore the capacity of its rechargeable batteriesIt is innovating with a charger from 100 watts and its USB cable from type-C. So it will no longer be a external adapter charger at DC which will be responsible for recharging, as was the case for the MS18. 

The most powerful rechargeable torch on the market 

Still from the same manufacturer, you can also get a rechargeable LED torch smaller but just as powerful. This is the IMALENT MS03. In fact, the latter has only one rechargeable battery 21700 de 4000 mAh. It is more than enough to feed its light source composed of 3 CREE XHP 70.2 LED bulbs. As a result, it can be recharged in USB from type-C without the need for a special external charger. With it, you can light up to a distance of 324 m maximum.

It has 6 different operating modeswith a temporary Turbo mode that enables it to deliver 13,000 lumens ! And unlike its two big sisters, it will be much lighter, with just 187 grams, battery included. So you can take it with you on your most perilous adventures and journeys. What's more, it's so robust that it can withstand shocksthat falls of at least one metre won't do it any harm. You'll still need to budget around €140 if you want to buy one.

Our 5 most powerful rechargeable torches

For much smaller budgets, we can still offer you the following in our collection of tactical rechargeable torchesand LED lamps which shouldn't put you off. In fact, we have a wide range including some models with a good lighting level. Discover 5 of our most powerful rechargeable torches below: 

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Sofirn IF22 rechargeable tactical flashlight

Light intensity of the Sofirn IF22A rechargeable tactical flashlight

Far from the pharaonic power of the lamps we saw above, our Sofirn IF22 rechargeable tactical flashlight does not deserve your attention. In fact, it boasts an impressive light output of 2,100 lumens. However, it will be capable of lighting up a long range of almost 600 m in the distance. 

Finally, although it is not intended to be immersed continuously in water, its IPX8 waterproof rating will still enable it to withstand a depth of 2 m. So don't even think about its resistance to splashes and splatter. It will be completely insignificant.

What's more, with its 5,000 mAhit will be able to light your way for at least 5 hours at medium power. Moreover, the setting of its brightness levels is very easy thanks to its switch. It also acts as a switch between these two functions. 5 lighting modes in addition tolight the torch or theswitch off. These range from the turbo mode of 2,100 lumens to the very low luminosity mode of a single lumen.

Shark tactical rechargeable torch

Heat dissipation of the Shark rechargeable lamp

Our Shark tactical torch is powerful and easy to handle. Its very longitudinal shape gives it the appearance of an electric baton. It does, however, have a light beam from 1500 lumens. As with the IMALENT MS18 torch seen above, it generates this light using an XHP 70.2 LED bulb. But what's surprising about this torch is its very slender design. In fact, the head of the lamp is grooved into a aluminium alloy body which imitates shark gills. This design also helps to cool the lamp. 

To power it, it uses a battery at lithium which will enable it to function during 2 to 8 hours after a single recharge. Finally, it also has several operating modes which will enable it to emit just the right amount of light. But they also conserve battery capacity. To find out more small LED bulbs are located just above the pressure switch. There are exactly 4 of them, and they indicate the remaining capacity battery.

Attack tactical rechargeable torch

Attack tactical lamp in condition

Although more compact, the Attack tactical torch still draws attention to itself. Unlike the more powerful torches we've seen, this one is much more powerful. ergonomic and easy to handle. However, it retains a good light output adjustable from 1800 lumens. So it will be much more practical to take with you when you're out and about. night-time activities.

But its lightness means you can pull it out more quickly to defend yourself in the event of an attack on you. You won't have too much trouble pointing it directly at your target to disarm it if that happens. Alternatively, you can keep it in your hand at all times, even when you're not using it. All you have to do is keep it on your wrist with its wrist strap to keep hands-free. What's more, it's a powerful little rechargeable torch that's easy to access. In fact, it retains an excellent value for money.

Valon USB rechargeable tactical torch

Valon-1 tactical USB rechargeable torch

Still in the family of powerful, compact rechargeable torches, there's the Valon rechargeable tactical flashlight. Like the Attack lamp, it's a great companion that's easy to carry around. Whether it's on your wrist or clipped to your trouser belt, you'll have no trouble handling it. What's more, you'll have plenty of light with its 1500 lumens of light output.

To produce it, it always uses an XHP 70 LED bulb, which continues to prove its effectiveness. And on top of that, its telescopic lamp head enablesadjust its light rangewithout necessarily compromising on power. Finally, for its power supply, it is always fitted with a accumulator at lithium from 5000 mAh. This gives it a good autonomy of approximately 12 hours. And if you need to, you'll have no trouble getting to know the remaining capacity of its battery thanks to its 4 LED indicators.

PeetPen L21 powerful tactical flashlight

PeetPen L21 3 powerful rechargeable flashlight

Finally, we end this short list of our most powerful torches with our Peetpen L21 torch. Although it is smaller in size than those we have presented, it still offers 1500 lumens d'luminous intensity. And it does all this by slipping it into a pocket or its case. You'll be able to take it with you so easily that it'll fit into any situation you might find yourself in. Activity in open air, excursion, safety, self-defenceThere are no limits to its use.

With its only lithium batteryIt is also bound to be very compact, so it will have a great autonomy operating mode . Thanks to its weakest mode, it will be able to reach almost a twenty hours. A single recharge at USB from type-C a little over 3 hours will suffice. And of course, it's not afraid of damp, rain or dust. Even the most extreme situation is unlikely to put it to the test.

We hope this article has satisfied your curiosity about what makes the battery torch the most powerful rechargeable torch available. Feel free to leave a comment below if you'd like to let us know what you think 👍

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