Which rechargeable table lamp is right for your table?

Rechargeable table lamp to set a table alight

Why a rechargeable table lamp to set off any table ? When you want to create an atmosphere On a table, you can simply put a candle. The problem is that it burns. So there's a risk that its flame will cause a fire. And then there are LED candles wireless, battery-operated or battery-powered. But there are also rechargeable table lamps They come in a wide range of colours, shapes and materials. They offer a very wide choice of colours, shapes and materials. It would be unthinkable to put a lamp in the middle of a table with unsightly wires. And even if a wireless lamp can work with batteriesWe prefer not to use them and then renew them indefinitely. This is why the rechargeable lamp is a logical solution for your future table decorations. 

A rechargeable table lamp: for what occasion?

Dining table decorated for a special occasion

In fact, there's no need to wait for a special occasion to bring out your the rechargeable lamp and place it on your table. But even though it could be used on a daily basis, the purpose of using it is to create an atmosphere or a particular theme. A meal for two or a reception for a themed wedding - the examples are endless. The use of a rechargeable table lamp goes beyond the simple lighting boost. But thanks to our collection of table lightsWe want to make them more accessible. Even if they're intended to sit on their own, after all, it's not just around the table. But whatever the case, they're sure to be a hit with your guests.

As for conventional lampsThere are rechargeable table lamps in a multitude of shapes and materials. There's bound to be one to suit your home. dining table. You'll be able to create a sumptuous decor worthy of a palace if the mood takes you. And if a more rustic tempt you, there are table lamps that take on more traditional features. vintage. But that doesn't mean their advanced technology will be diminished. That's the beauty of a wireless lamp which operates on battery. It takes refuge in any look. What's more, it brings out and preserves all the originality of the lamps of yesteryear.

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A table lamp: more than just a light source

At some point, the rechargeable table lamp will be more than just a simple light source. In fact, it will add a touch of elegance to your home. decorative in the centre of the table. Well placed, and with a LED light spreads all around its lampshadeIt will leave a very good impression. What's more, theLED lighting allows a wide variety of luminous fluxall as surprising as each other. And all in the same room! Where incandescent bulbs lamps, had little resistance to variations in temperature. high brightnessthe LED bulbs have found it a great quality. Their resistance offers more possibilities: a progressive gradationa colour temperature controlled colours of light different. So many parameters that give light a more modern and environmentally-friendly dimension.

How long will your table lamp last?

Whether you are a private individual or a professional, your rechargeable table lamp must remain lit for a few hours. For domestic use, one to 2 hours of operation would be quite sufficient. If we take a broad view, this would correspond to the duration of a meal. On the other hand, for professional use or a large-scale occasion, around ten hours would be enough.hours of autonomy minimum will be required. Indeed, it would make a very bad impression if the pillar decorative on all your tables would start to flicker, before disappearing.switch off net. Fortunately, to avoid this, our rechargeable table lamps all have lithium-on batteries. The fact that they are so advanced means that they can function as high performance. As a result, they are able to reach operating times very reasonable. And the best thing is that you can do it as often as you like for the entire service life of your lamp.

Don't overlook outdoor use

You must not neglect theoutdoor use your rechargeable table lamp to enhance any table. It's sure to be a big hit at your summer drinks parties. You'll also need to check that the table lamp you use is watertight or not. Fortunately, they are often made from very high quality materials. good manufacturing quality as thestainless steel or thealuminium alloy. Of course, you're not going to make your lamp take a bath. But if you want to enjoy its light with friends by the pool or on the beach, it will have to be able to withstand at least a few baths. splashes water. Finally, if you don't use your lamp in such an extreme way, you'll be able to decorate your table for occasional evenings without any problem, without necessarily having to meet so many requirements.

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As long as she blends in with the decor you've created for her, the people around your table will be able to appreciate the dazzling work she's done.

5 table lamps in different styles to enhance your tables

Below you can discover 5 of our table lights to enhance your table:

Hato table lamp: a simple lamp with a pure design

Hato-1 rechargeable white table lamp

Here's a simple but very elegant rechargeable table lamp. The Hato lamp takes a plain look with a lampshade conical which is not unknown. However, its LED bulbs allow them to vary their prices in a totally flexible way. luminous intensity. What's more, if you're planning to impress your guests with an outdoor table, it will fit in perfectly. The lamp body all-metal construction makes it watertightness index. And the highlight of the show, his rechargeable battery allows it to operate without a hitch for at least 6 hours after a recharge! With the Hato lamp, you may have a simple but highly effective lamp.

Keros matt black table lamp: a vintage-style design

Keros-1 black vintage table lamp

The rechargeable table lamp matt black Keros is a truly remarkable table lamp. Its very vintage is inspired by the old oil lamps. But make no mistake! Vintage does not mean "has-been". This lamp is based on the retro base of its ancestor to modernise its best features. Take its transparent glass shade, for example. It subtly reveals the soft light of its LED bulb through it. It perfectly reproduces the heat of a flame. What's more, its colour temperature and its luminous intensity are adjusted by 3 operating modes

And the whole thing is powered by a battery for at least 6 hours ! So you can create a very special atmosphere on your table. cosy and enjoy it all night long if you like. On the other hand, it will do little or nothing outside if it is too damp.

Diamond crystal refillable table lamp: bring luxury to your table.

Diamond -2 crystal clear rechargeable table lamp

With this magnificent Diamond rechargeable table lamp, you can add a touch of luxury to your table, while still looking great. quality report price. Indeed, all the lamp body acrylic, as well as its cylindrical lampshade in, take on a crystalline appearance. Thanks to this, the light beam emanating from its bulb is dispersed, projecting superb rays of light. white light all around her. And this luminous purity, our luminaire Diamond will be able to produce it for almost 10 a.m. after just one recharge ! And your guests will be tired long before she is. Your little queens lights will keep every table glowing throughout the evening.

Dumbbell bronze rechargeable table lamp: a chic and refined atmosphere on your table

Creative bronze table lamp Dumbbell

It's fair to say that the Dumbbell table lamp will take your table guests into a world of refinement in the space of a dinner party. And yet, it's humble enough to have a very special look. light output well controlled. In this way, each person around them will feel as if they are part of their own space, sharing a meal in complete privacy. In a restaurant, for example, each table, no matter how close together, will have its own story to tell for an hour or two. And to ensure that this story is repeated over and over again before the doors close, the Dumbell lamp will keep its "light" for the duration of the meal. warm light on for nearly 3 p.m. without the slightest connection. On the other hand, this little lady bright can be appreciated as interior design mainly.

Diving rechargeable table lamp: modern baroque chic style

Crystal Diving rechargeable lamp

The Diving rechargeable table lamp will look great on any dark wooden table. It will bring out its heat by the light emanating from its transparent acrylic lampshade a little baroque. But its stainless steel a golden colour, giving it a more chic and sophisticated. A subtle blend for a luminous decoration ready to operate for several hours in a cosy atmosphere. We'd love to share a drink around a table with this little indoor lamp to light the way. What could be better than a beautiful warm source of light to enjoy a good cocktail with friends! What's more, its LEDs can be darkened or lightened at will to further accentuate its luminous effects.

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