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A charging station for all your lamps

Our rechargeable lamps are all supplied with their USB cable. Even if we also include a individual chargera real charging station will be more effective for recharge all at the same time. That's why we're offering you a range of USB chargers to ensure that they are compatible. À connect to mainsThe first is that you won't have to search for a plug for each lamp. Multi-socket charger makes it possible to connect several devices and load them simultaneously.

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Powerful USB multi-socket charger -2

The second is that they are designed to optimise recharging using electronic components. Firstly, they act as transformers. The output current from an electrical socket is so powerful that it needs to be regulated. Then the USB charger will be able to play its role as a transmitter, redirecting this energy towards the batteries. This process enables reduced charging time but above all optimised. These stations offer protection to overvoltages and short-circuit risks to avoid a power failure. battery or worse, an explosion.

Rechargeable batteries for lamps with removable cells

Almost all our rechargeable lamps in addition, powered by non-removable batteries. In other words, you won't be able to take one out of the lamp bodyfor whatever reason. In fact, it will not be doomed to be replaced, since it could have thousands of cycles reloading. However, some of our categories from lamps have the particularity of having a removable rechargeable battery. Those most affected are tactical torches and more precisely, diving torches. The latter need to have a reliable waterproofing and perfect resistance to corrosion. Lamps that recharge in USB often have a rubber cover, which ensures thewaterproofing around the plug. The latter is also an excellent passageway for water infiltration. But at great depths, this protection can prove ineffective in the face of the intense pressure exerted on any body in the water. So the lamp has to be exempt. To achieve this, its body can itself be entirely screwed or unscrewed to remove the battery. This will then have to be recharged by a external charger adapted.

Removable lithium battery