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Rechargeable bike lights are much more than just accessories

Firstly, it is worth noting that the rechargeable bike lights has a definite advantage. In fact, this essential luminaire doesn't need to be replaced. alkaline batteries. But above all, it is a essential accessory to be able to cycling in any security once after darkGiven that it is essential to see and alsobe seen by any other user, have access to headlights front and rear on your bike will certainly save you from potentially fatal accidents. In short, having one can save your life.

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Cyclist with Circle rechargeable bike light

It's easy to forget, but bike lights are compulsory at night

Still on the subject of safety, it is often forgotten that the bicycle lamp is a bonus, mandatory when visibility for traffic in a public space becomes difficult or almost impossible. As the "Lighting"of this article on public services, concerning compulsory bicycle accessoriesall bicycles must be equipped with front lights and rear when the visibility night or day becomes insufficient". And although it may seem insignificant, failure to comply with this obligation can result in a fine. Whatever the case, beyond the purely legislative aspect, it is important to ensure your security and that of others. Without paying too much attention, we simply need to adopt a few simple gestures

A rechargeable bike light to make life easier

Why a rechargeable bike light compared to a bicycle lamp with battery simple or dynamo ? Firstly, in the case of a battery lampyou must replace these and you can rid properly. Admittedly, you don't necessarily want to do it, because you have to find a waste collection centre or some other place to dispose of it. battery terminals located in certain shops. In other words, they don't end up at the bottom of a drawer. Secondly, the dynamo lamps work when the rear wheel the bike turns. Just like the rechargeable bike lightThere's no need to change the battery. But what is often restrictive is that the light beam produced by a dynamo lamp is jerky. In addition, it should be noted that it is not possible to adjust theintensity of its light output. What we mean by this is that there is no steady light. It all depends on your pedalling speed. In conclusion, the rechargeable bike light ignores these shortcomings, because its source of energy is irreplaceable over time and its adjustable light and constant.

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Powerful lamps for several hours of autonomy

Our rechargeable bike lights can operate during several hours. When the battery is low, simply remove the lamp from the handlebars or seat to replace it. recharge. Furthermore, in the vast majority of cases, the reloading is done via a USB socket. In addition, the technology from LED bulbs is now producing excellent yields. They can operate at full power with a low consumption. And finally, this light output remains perfectly stable once it has been selected by the user. Finally, a accumulator which can be reloaded for thousands of cycles, combined with light source low energy consumption and you get a bicycle lamp superb efficiency. All without necessarily costing you more.