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The rechargeable camping light: a versatile luminaire.

Why do we need a the rechargeable lamp for the campsite ? In itself, any type of portable lamp will fit perfectly into your backpack for a camping trip: a torcha headlampetc. The problem is that these lack versatility. In fact, it often offers just one type of luminous flux certainly powerful, but too precise and only long range . In a tent or camper van, however, diffused, even light will be much more effective. That's why a camping lantern is the perfect addition to your equipment. Everything you need to know about bivouacs and what not to forget can be essential if you want to enjoy this outdoor experience to the full.

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Kampa-2 rechargeable LED camping lamp

And if its design allows it to be multipurposeIt can also offer lighting à 360around her, that a beam very precise. And then a lantern can be set down and/or hooked up easily, so that you have enough space for your camping equipment. white light to enlighten you. And, of course, all this while keeping the hands-free. After all, it's only if you decide to leave your bivouac for a little getaway nightthat you may need the skills of a LED torch or a headlamp.

Designed for daily outdoor use

Camping lights are intended for use in long use outdoors. That's why they need to be able to cope with any conditions. To achieve this, a rechargeable camping lamp can have a aluminium body or in stainless steel. These metal parts do not corrode when exposed to moisture. They also give the camping lamp a good waterproofing. But our lanterns can also use better materials. quality report prices as ABS plastic. In addition, they guarantee identical protection against splashes and shocks. It all depends on your needs and where you're going camping. You should therefore check thewatertightness index of your lamp before you buy. That's why we've taken great care to check out their product sheet.

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The LED camping lantern provides light and warmth.

Camping lamps with LED lighting produce light beams can have several operating modes. You can therefore easily adjust their intensity, lightor swap from one light source to another, if your lamp has more than one. Even if the paraffin camping lamp has a warmer feel, it's still more comfortable. dangerous in the event of an incident. But thanks to LED technologyit is possible to design LED lamps camping retro and vintagemore secure. In fact, just as you could adjust the light output of a flame with a small knob, we can do the same thing very well with LED bulbs. Indeed, a switch identical to constant gradation perfectly reproduces the same effect as these old lamps. So even the most nostalgic campers will be able to find something to their liking among our vintage camping lanterns. They'll have the technology too.

Lanterns that can be recharged by plugging in or by the sun

Finally, it seems obvious that a camping lantern should be portable. In fact, you certainly won't have any socket outletclose to you every time. That's why all our lamps from rechargeable campers are equipped with battery. They are most often found in lithium for their great autonomy and capacity. So you won't need to worry about alkaline batteries for your travels. The reloading of our lamps before your departure. The rechargeable batteries allow them to have several hours of autonomy. But if that's not enough for you, you can find solar camping lights. They will be able to recharge thanks to thesolar energy.

Solar during camping
Barrel-2 multifunction rechargeable lamp

A camping lamp can be even more useful multipurpose. In fact, it can be more than just a source of light, serving as a Power Bank. This means you can use it to recharge another device with the energy it has accumulated. For this type of lamp, you will find a USB port for the recharge of the lamp itself, and a USB port for output for recharge other small electronic devices. So your next rechargeable camping light will be more than just a light companion for your adventures.