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Rechargeable children's nightlight produces a very soft light

In our collection, we want you to find the perfect rechargeable children's nightlight that will appeal to toddlers and parents alike. With this option, then, we have a duty to offer a range of luminaires that is both soothing and practical for everyday use. For young parents, the baby's sleep and theirs are equally important. First of all, we want them to be able tofall asleep peacefully by having a little light at their side. This can only help them to set more easily. On the other hand, if they were to wake up due to a night terrorsmall nightlight could only reassure the child. If, in addition fear of the dark, the fact that it had a light would enable it to find its bearings and to go back to sleep without parental intervention. But if he cries anyway, his parents will be able to look after him directly, without having to worry about the lighting in the room.

Children's window bed
3D Dragon 2 rechargeable nightlight

A night-light that pays attention to light intensity

light source can both help you fall asleep and keep you awake. So it's vital to make sure that it doesn't produce too much light. large quantity of light. In this way, a children's nightlight of our collection broadcast a warm light and very sweet even if they use a LED bulb. Even though she is known for her white lightIt can also be used to produce changing colours. But not only that, as his luminous intensity can be reduced to a minimum. This means that our nightlights have to be all the more vigilant for the most vulnerable children. little bits of cabbage. Their eyes are still fragile. As a result, they should not be bothered by a luminous intensity too high. That's why we've made sure that our small rechargeable children's nightlights have a small, bright light. low intensity with a light colour very hot. This broadcast throughout the lamp body to marry her completely. That way, they won't be bothered. small children. Instead, our rechargeable nightlights will help them to fall asleep for a good night

A super-portable nightlight that parents can take anywhere

Just like the comforterLED nightlight A child's car can be essential when you're travelling with the family. Especially if you have to venture into places that are different from your children's usual environment. It's easy for them to lose their bearings. But parents also need to acclimatise to this temporary environment, while maintaining their rituals. Here again, a small nomad lamp can make all the difference and make you feel right at home. Imagine if there were no accent lamp with enough light, but not too bright, for stories and cuddles, make changing easier or bottle feeding at full night. You'd be hard-pressed to cope with the light from the central ceiling light in the rooms next door, with the doors ajar to let in just a trickle of light. You'll soon forget all about that with a rechargeable nightlight. For a start, you can easily slip it into a changing bag without it taking up any more space than it needs. What's more, you won't need to recharge it during your stay if you've done so in advance. In fact, it has a very low consumption which gives it a great autonomy over time. So much so that it could remain on for long hours and all night if need be. However, if you forget to do this, don't panic. A electrical socket classic with AC adaptor will be enough to put it in charge so that it regains a good number ofhours of autonomy

Duffy duck rechargeable children's nightlight
Rechargeable children's nightlight Poussinoo-2

A cute nightlight that can take several forms

A child's nightlight can take many forms. Although at first glance they may appear to be rounded shapes, the materials used in their design today, particularly siliconeThese little lamps can take the shape of all kinds of animals. In fact, these little lamps can take the shape of all kinds of animals. For example, there can be a unicorn nightlightrabbitturtle or even in the shape of sheep. Whatever form this children's lightingIf you're looking for an animal, you'll want to choose one that will take pride of place in your bedroom. This is all the more true given that it is often themed around an animal. Whether it's an owl, a giraffe or a dolphin, the choice is immense. That's why you'll find among our products luminaires for childrenIt will be the most faithful representation of the animal he prefers in his bedroom. In this way, it will be more than just a decorative object which produces a subdued light.

A soothing light that switches itself off at just the right moment

Even if a soft, soothing light can really help a child to grow into his or her own personality, it's not enough. fall asleepit must not stay on all night when it reaches it. It is important not to disturb the soft night he started. That's why we also offer rechargeable nightlights that have a timer included. They will be able to switch off after a few minutes without having to press their switch yourself. This saves energy and means they can be reused without having to be recharged straight away. But it's also, and above all, so that light doesn't have a harmful effect on children. At an early age, children tend to be more easily drawn to light. 

Projector children's nightlight
Original Catball-3 rechargeable nightlight

And despite everything, the presence of light is still a sign of wakefulness rather than rest, even if it is weaker. That's why it must also fade shortly after he finds the Morphée's arms. However, in the case of only a few models, crying due to night-time awakenings will be able to relight a pilot light, or a plush nightlight thanks to a sensor. As a result, the toddler can return to dreamland. It's almost like a little magic lantern who would gently soothe her and accompany her throughout her little life. dodo.