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A desk lamp for good working light at night

With a rechargeable desk lampyou'll have a real back-up of light for work under the right conditions. When the daylight is rare at the nightfalla small luminaire on his desk brings a softer light and more centralised than the light in a room. This gives you a visual comfort not insignificant for working in good conditions. And if you need it, it can be more than useful. bright and more claire to make it easier to see the details if you work on projects that require a great deal of concentration.

Rechargeable desk lamp collection

A lamp with a flexible LED light

Our lamps are fitted with a dimmer which enablesadapt their light output depending on the light already present in the room. In this way, it contributes to good lighting of your work area and therefore your efficiency. It's important to know that to work in good conditions, the LED light must not exceed 350 lumens. In many cases, this dimmer is actually the switch. It can be used toswitch on andswitch off the lamp with simple presses. But with long presses, it can be used to decrease or increase the light intensity. The advantage of the LED light  comes from bulb type which produces it. It can operate for a very long time. We can easily talk about several thousand hours. What's more, there's no need to replace it.

The desk lamp allows you to work more precisely.

You could say that any table lamp could act as a desk lampof course. In fact, all our rechargeable table lamps could be just the thing to light up your office. But what makes them different is the light beam of a desk lamp, which is directional. A articulated lamp or with a rotating lamp head makes it easier to handle. This means that it's easier to handle the light source and direct it towards a specific area. Where a lamp with a lampshade shaped conical or cylindrical will remain fixedThe desk lamp will be able to have one, which will be able to move around. move. It will not remain immobilised because of its continuity with the lamp body. In fact, part of it can shrink in on itself. In other words, you could very well have a wireless LED light compact and easy to take with you.

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white calendar lamp on desk

A desk lamp is useful even in broad daylight

A desk lamp can be useful even when you're on the move. full day. Indeed, if the daylight or other lighting don't light up your office brightly enough, this accent lamp will bring a additional lighting to work. This will also reduce your visual fatigue. What's more, optimising the use of natural light on your workspace will largely depend on the layout of your office. Since it doesn't depend on you, you can bring your own wireless lamp on your place of work. If you feel the need to have a office lighting You're unlikely to be blamed for this, quite the contrary.

Direct lighting for your worktop

So the importance of the daylight. But how can you continue to work when it's no longer there? You can use the light in the room. Yes, but if the room is a small bedroom or dormitory that you share with other flatmates, they won't appreciate you using the light.general lighting so you can finish your homework for the next day. Fortunately, the rechargeable desk lamp allows you to have your personal lighting. This way, you won't have to disturb anyone to be able to work. The corner you're already using for your work will be fully dedicated to you. But even if you don't share the room, it's still more comfortable to have a separate office. light source directly next to you than having to rely on the often too bright light of a room.

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Judy white cordless rechargeable desk lamp

The difference between a conventional desk lamp and a rechargeable desk lamp is not insignificant: light dimming

Our rechargeable desk lamps all work with LED bulbs. We are in favour of LED technologybecause it offers a great deal of flexibility in the way we light up today, as well as having a very high energy efficiency. low consumption energy consumption despite the high efficiency of its luminous flux. Unlike conventional bulbs, which can only offer one colour temperature, l'LED lighting can vary its brightness levels and its light colour. It could even imitate that of the daylight elsewhere. This will be all the more important to avoid the risk ofglare which can be very uncomfortable, even harmful, when you have to working at night. In addition, theluminous intensity It can also be varied so that people are not faced with a quantity of light that they cannot manage.

An LED desk lamp will consume less

The LED desk lamp rechargeable will therefore have a low consumption base. Sound autonomy will therefore be equivalent to a daily working time. So there's nothing to worry about. What's more, its lithium batteries are increasingly efficient and have better capabilities than in the past. If you knew any wireless desk lamps battery-powered, then you can forget all about them and move on to the rechargeable desk lamp. This type of portable work light makes a real improvement to the way you do business.light your work. You can also recharge very easily from your office thanks to your laptop computer.

Rison-4 cordless desk lamp
Desk lamp

A wireless desk lamp for more possibilities

Clearly, the biggest advantage of a rechargeable cordless desk lampis his mobility. And to accentuate this even more, some of our desk lamps are very attractive. compact. For example, a small desk lamp will have a articulated armThis style is reminiscent of the old click-clack mobile phones. This style is reminiscent of the old click-clack mobile phones. Well, the principle is the same. We also offer foldable and retractable, very ergonomic for teleworkers nomads.

A wide range of mobile desk lamps

In our collection you will find small lamps very compact, easy to take with you. Imagine a mini desk lamp which can be easily slipped into a backpack. What's more, it's rechargeable, so there's no need to worry about the battery. USB cable and your laptop computer will be enough to charge it very quickly. It doesn't matter which adapter you use. Whether it's a mains adapter or a cigarette lighter adapter, for example, all it needs is a USB port classic. The USB recharging is becoming increasingly standardised. So it's only natural that it should play a decisive role in the operation of wireless desk lamps.

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Office wall-mounted magnetic desk lamp

Magnetic desk lamp

Some models of our rechargeable desk lamps are magnetic. Basically, you can use it as a wall light. If your desk is located under a small shelf, for example, you can use it as a shelf. fix on it thanks to small magnetic pads that have been glued on beforehand. As a result, you'll have a light diffuser always coming from above. All this, of course, in optimising your space. At the same time, you can use it as a hand-held transmitter or as reading lamp. In fact, if you use the pass system, which is magnificent, you could use it on your headboard. As a result, vos would multiply the number of slots for this light source which will be used much more functional than simple luminaires.

Children's desk lamp

In addition to designer desk lamps or very compact, we also offer in our collection desk lamps for smaller. The main difference between them is their shape. They can have a base at shape animal for example. As a result, and to avoid damaging their little eyes, they will produce a soft light. So they can continue to do their homework before going to sleep. But the lamp can also be used as a bedside lamp for reading stories just before falling asleep.

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Quava-1 clip-on rechargeable desk lamp

Optimise space with a clip-on desk lamp

Finally, because optimising your office space is of prime importance, we also offer desk lamps that have a lamp base in the shape of pliers. La LED desk lamp can stand on or be attached to your desk, depending on its configuration. Or it can do both at the same time. The good thing is that some of our lamps have a flexible rod. If the lamp is securely fastened with its clamp, it can retain a certain amount of light. flexibility for direct the light.