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A rechargeable LED floodlight for efficient site lighting.

Le rechargeable LED spotlight is an excellent light source to illuminate superstores. This is a work light ideal for those who want to continue their work at the nightfall. What better way to brighten up when darkness gives way to light? daylight to finish your work properly at the end of the day, so you can get back to it the next day? Even if you have a powerful lamp which has a light beam with a wide angle d'lightingBut the fact remains that it's precise enough. In fact, if one of the LED spotlights in our collection is to complete your toolsthe light it produces must be sufficiently bright. adjustable to target the work area. 

Indoor floodlight
Professional rechargeable LED spotlight 30-50 W-1

The vast majority will be fixed table lamps. Although they are very easy to handle thanks to a ergonomic handleThey come with a removable or integrated tripod for mounting. So, as well as being easy to hold, the LED spotlight adapts perfectly to the terrain you're putting it on. It will be easy to transport from one place to another. But the ultimate aim is still to allow you to keep the hands-freeby carrying out the tasks you need to do.

The LED spotlight: a versatile electric lamp

Need lighting for renovation or emergency lighting?

The projector lamp will be very useful for outdoor work like on a building site or for gardening. But it can also be very useful indoors. In the event of power failureWith our rechargeable LED floodlights, you'll always be able to light up your communal areas while you wait for electricity to return to your home. So you can carry on with your activities without being disturbed by the sudden onset of darkness. Alternatively, a wireless LED spotlight will also be very useful for renovation works if you have to switch off the electricity. Without necessarily looking for very large models, you will also find smaller ones. In fact, you can have a mini lamp with a accent lighting a very bright light that's just right for you. What's more, it'll be easier to carry around, so you'll be able to get a good view of your surroundings. emergency lighting with you. Like a torch, an LED spotlight can have different lighting modes. A strobe mode or even a SOS mode for example, can be used to send out an alert signal

Professional rechargeable magnetic LED spotlight-4
Rechargeable LED spotlight

A portable battery within easy reach

Another advantage of an LED spotlight is that it can be used as a portable battery. It can recharge your mobile phones, tablets and other small rechargeable devices. The reason it has this capacity is that these batteries at lithium from large capacity enable it to accumulate a large quantity energy. This is essential because the projector needs to emit a large quantity of light for its main use. However, it will also have a plug USB input for recharging, that a USB port output. So if you've run out of power in your house, and you don't intend to use it for lighting in the immediate future, you can connect an appliance to it using its USB cable. Once again, a nomad lamp which will be even more useful in this situation.

A powerful lamp thanks to LED lighting

Above all, the strength of this light source ideal for a construction site is, of course, its lighting. If, on top of that, it has to provide LED light powerful without plugging it in, it has to rely on bulbs of high performance. That's why all our spotlights use only the latest technology. LED technology. Not only do LED bulbs have the capacity to offer strong lightbut they also have a very low consumption. Consequently, even at full powerthey do not attract as many batteries from the spotlight as another bulb type. And there are several different types of LED bulb. The LED COB and SMD will mainly be used on our projectors. They can generate light output optimised to cover a specific area of the country. large surface. But it will be a white light with a colour temperature greater than 5 000 K. In this way, it also, and above all, highlights the area to be lit.

Mini projeMini rechargeable floodlight Floodlight-1
Professional rechargeable LED floodlight in the rain

A worksite lamp that has to withstand the elements and outdoor use

The rechargeable LED spotlight must be sufficiently robust for resist at bad weather and falls which can be the hazards of its use. As a matter of principle, you don't have to worry about them, even in difficult conditions. The projector casing contains both the LED bulbs and the batteries. It must therefore be waterproof and therefore watertight to prevent water from seeping through. But it must also be shock-resistant so that users can work with complete peace of mind. To achieve this, our projectors have solid components to meet these robustness criteria. These include thealuminium alloy or the ABS plastic. These materials remain lightweight while offering good protection for the device.

A cordless lamp that won't give you cord problems

With a portable projectoryou'll never have cord problems. Indeed, its power supply is carried out using batteries at lithium directly integrated into the lamp body. So there's no need to connect it to the mains except to recharge it. And even if there is a power sockett nearby, it is preferable to do without. On a construction site, other equipment will almost certainly need it. They will consume more energy. But even so, being powered by a accumulator rechargeable does not mean that you will have limited lighting. On the contrary, the LED spotlight has a rechargeable battery powerful enough to enable it to have a great autonomy operation. In another case, the projector itself can operate as a battery charger if it is fitted with a solar panel. In this case, a solar LED floodlight will be able to recharge itself when exposed to direct sunlight. sunlight. It will therefore be able to do without a mains charger so you can enjoy a projector that's both powerful and totally autonomous.

200W LED solar floodlight lighting