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Rechargeable dive light to complete your diving equipment

Our rechargeable dive lights are the perfect addition to your diving equipment. They'll help you see underwater or signal your position in an emergency. Your choice will depend on the lighting range you want. In water, light comes up against the phenomenon of refraction. A light flux of the same power will therefore not have the same range as if it were projected into the air. Fortunately, our rechargeable dive lights draw their light source from theLED lighting. La technology LED enables higher yields and adapts to all types of environment. So it's perfectly suited to underwater exploration.

surface flash dive light
Rechargeable dive light collection

A torch that may need a lot of help to get the hang of it

All our rechargeable dive lights are equipped with a wrist strap so you never lose it when you're exploring underwater. This can be very useful even if you stay close to the surface. In fact, as you move through the water, there are more resistance on each object. The handmade can therefore be more tiring after a long use from long term. In shape, a dive torch is similar to a torch classic. Its getting started is therefore the same, but assistance may be required.

The dive light must be perfectly waterproof

All our dive lights are watertight and rechargeable. So you'll never be left in the dark when it comes to themarine darkness. You'll be able to observe or even photograph every marvel the ocean has to offer. A dive light must be perfectly watertight and immersive from at least 10 metres from depth and on a long term. It must therefore have a IPX8 waterproof rating necessarily. In any case, they can be immersed from the first metre and for at least 30 minutes without interruption.

Diver with waterproof torch

A rechargeable diving torch that protects its power source 

Their design in anodised aluminium prevents corrosion and is easy to clean. seawater-resistant. It must absolutely protect its rechargeable batteries to prevent them coming into contact with water, which could damage them. Often, rechargeable lamps in USB will not be able to go into very deep water. Indeed, its USB port must be protected by a removable rubber cover. Although this is waterproof, it can allow water to seep in if the pressure is too great. A more waterproof lamp will have a removable battery. It must therefore be removed from the body of the lamp when recharging by placing it in its holder. adapted sector loader.