How does a solar lantern work?

How a solar lantern works

You've probably already asked yourself how a solar lantern works ? Solar technology is becoming increasingly popular. So it's understandable that people are starting to ask questions about how it works. In this blog post, we're going to take a look at the operation of its solar lamps and benefits they offer. By the end of this article, you'll be able to decide whether a solar lantern is the right choice for you. the right choice for you. It should be noted that this is a a power source in its own right. Then it all depends on the type of lamp it will be used with. But whatever the case, you'll find a an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint operating with a energy 100 % renewable !

Solar lanterns are powered by the sun

Sunlight: an inexhaustible source of energy

As its name suggests, a solar lantern runs on solar energy. And this energy is none other than the sunlight itself. Light is a electromagnetic radiation that we can perceive. What's more, it's totally continuous and constitutes a inexhaustible source of energy. This is also why we are continuing to make progress so that it can produce part of our domestic electricity (Source: EDF - Photovoltaics in figures). But in the meantime does not require large amounts of immediate energyThey are therefore ideal for rechargeable lamps. They are therefore ideal for rechargeable lamps.

200W LED solar floodlight lighting

Our 200 W LED solar floodlight

➽ Here's a solar floodlight with a light output an equivalence of 200 W. Enough to continuelight up the outside from his home to the nightfall after a day ofsunshine

With a photovoltaic solar panel as large as it is, it has enough to supply its batteries from large capacity without the slightest  socket 👍.

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How solar lanterns work to make them profitable

Solar lanterns work with sunlight, making them an excellent choice for the home. a cost-effective, energy-efficient alternative compared with traditional lamps. In fact, they are practical devices that can be powered solely by the sun. This parameter makes them ideal for use in remote locations who have no access to electricity. Even close to home, in your garden for example, a solar lantern can be used to light up your garden. save you the hassle of connecting to your domestic electricity network. So you're bound to save on your electricity bill if you want to decorate it with lights.

The solar lantern is powered by a solar panel

Solar lantern panels

How the solar panel works

To operate using sunlight, solar lanterns must capture it using a device. This is the photovoltaic panel. This will generally be located on the top of the lamp to collect and convert into electrical current. This energy is then used to generate electricity, recharge the battery of the lamp. It will then power the bulbs of it. Sunlight contains what are known as photons. These photons will go impact the cells of the solar panel, which will generate energy. This energy is then transformed into electricity. Without going into detail, there are several cell types which can make up the panel with different outputs: monocrystalline, polycrystalline, amorphous.

Combined with an energy-efficient light source

Our solar lanterns work even more efficiently with sunlight by using them in the same way as our solar lanterns. combining to a highly energy-efficient light source. In fact, our lamps work mainly with LED bulbs. The latter consume very little energy and do not require no maintenance. Their service life can easily exceed 50,000 hours. We invite you to discover some of our models below:

This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
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This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page

Energy that is first stored before being used

Solar electricity is first and foremost used to recharge

The electricity produced by the solar panel is not used to power the bulbs straight away. They are first used to recharge the lantern batteries. This makes sense, as it won't be useful in daylight. Once charged, the lantern can easily be removed.activate using a conventional switch. But even more interestingly, there are solar lanterns that operate automatically. In fact, they can switch on by themselves when the natural light is becoming rareror when it uses a presence detector

Constant operation of the solar lantern

Lack of sunlight

As you can see, the solar lantern works primarily by recharging its batteries during the day. But it must also be able to maintain a reasonable pace even during periods of low lighton cloudy days, for example. That's why this stage plays such an important role in its operation. It is in fact the rechargeable batteries which will maintain a high level of light of the lantern sufficiently and constantly until the next sunny day. It is therefore capable ofadapt its operation when daylight is low.

A solar lantern also works with a USB port

Access to other sources of recharging

As explained above, the solar lantern is an excellent way to light up without relying on mains electricity. But there's nothing to stop it from munir a USB port which also allows it to recharge. This can be from a mains socket, or from there in the form of a plug. connecting to another source of electricity. This could be a laptop, for example. It does not exclude other sources of supply.

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The solar lantern as a portable battery

The other reason why a solar lantern has a USB port is that it can also be used as a portable battery. In fact, those with a battery of strong capabilities can redistributing energy they have accumulated. So if you need it, you can take advantage of a portable emergency battery. It won't be its main function. But it can prove to be very useful in an emergency

Solar-powered LED worklight

Solar lanterns have many applications

A decorative light source of choice for the outdoors

There's no denying it, a lot of decorative outdoor lighting are now powered by solar energy. It's all about the outdoors, especially in the garden, for example. Visit positioning of the solar lantern will tend to remain stationary. It will be determined by the rendering you choose to create your artwork. To do this, it automatically removes a problem the connection to the electricity network which can be a real headache. And as a result, a locationeven over the long term is not definitive. So there's a whole new world of possibilities open to you.

The rechargeable solar lamp for leisure

Finally, a solar lantern can be used to for your leisure activities and be totally mobile. It remains a rechargeable lamp that uses a certain power source. It will then work, for the needs of certain activities. Whether you're camping, hiking or fishing, it's just as effective as if you'd recharged it with a cable. You'll still have the advantage of being able to recharge iteven if you find yourself à miles from the nearest power outlet.

Multifunctional solar camping spotlight


So the solar lantern works very simply. Its main source of energy is the sun. Its light strikes a photovoltaic panel, which produces energy. A transformer converts this energy into electricity to recharge its batteries. This charging system is suitable for both fixed and mobile lamps. It has all the applications that a rechargeable cable lamp can have. You can choose from our entire collection of rechargeable solar lantern.

How does a solar lantern work?
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How does a solar lantern work?
Have you ever wondered how a solar lantern works? Solar technology is becoming increasingly popular. So it's understandable that people are starting to wonder how it works. In this blog post, we'll take a look at how these solar lights work and the benefits they offer. 
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