How can I recharge a solar lamp without the sun?

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How to recharging a solar lamp without the sun ? That's the question you might ask yourself when you buy one. Why should you have to wait until the sun comes out before you can use it properly? What's more, with a solar lamp, there's absolutely no need to connect it to a mains supply. socket outlet for it to work. So it's an undeniable advantage that would make it possible to make enormous savings. energy savings. So how can you make the most of it, even when the daylight doesn't lend itself to it? That's what we're going to answer in this article.

Recharging solar street lamps without the sun

The answer is obvious: you can't recharge a solar lamp without sunlight.

To begin with, the obvious answer is that a solar lamp, in principle, needs the sunlight and its energy, to produce the electricity that will power it. In fact, it is in the very nature of solar energy that it is used.natural light of thesunshine to recharge your batteries. In his operationIt will transform thesolar energy captured by its photovoltaic panelsto recharge your batteries.

As a reminder, the solar lamp uses photovoltaic cells for convert sunlight into electricity. This electricity is then stored in a rechargeable battery integrated. Without sunlight, therefore, photovoltaic cells cannot produce enough energy to recharge the battery. The solar-powered rechargeable lamp will therefore not work properly.

It could also mean that, if the lamp has not been recharged recently, and there is not enough sunlight available, it will not work, or will work with a low light output. luminous intensity reduced. If, for example, the lamp is not exposed to enough sunlight during the day, the battery will not have time to recharge fully. As a result, it will not work properly, or will only work for a short period of time.

Rechargeable solar ceiling lantern applications

solar ceiling lantern : the independent

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Easy to installIt will do well in a small space where it can get enough air to breathe. sun rays. This will allow you to illuminate a small shed at the bottom of a garden, far from the slightest light. socket 👍.

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No, there's no need to run out an extension lead. All you need to do is switch it on from its remote control and then its light can be managed at your convenience. Discover it now in our collection of rechargeable solar lanterns.

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The rechargeable solar lamp compensates for the lack of sunlight.

So that's why you may be disappointed with your solar rechargeable lamp. But fortunately, you don't have to stop there. In fact, it has the ingenious ability to manage the daily lack of sunlight in different ways. What's more, unless you find yourself in thedarkness there will always be a shadow of light during the day.

Even weak sunlight produces energy.

Low solar lighting

Yes, even weak sunlight can produce energy. Visit solar panels are designed to convert sunlight into usable electrical energy. This is true even on cloudy or dark days. What we need to understand is that they can produce energy using the sun's energy. sunlight direct or indirect. So even if the sun is covered by clouds, solar panels can still produce energy.

However, the amount of energy produced by photovoltaic cells at these times depends on the quantity and quality of the sunlight they receive. In fact, the more intense and direct the sunlight, the more energy their sensors can draw from it. On the other hand, if thesolar lighting is low or indirect, they will inevitably produce less energy.

Whatever the case, from the moment a solar lantern will have its photovoltaic panel continuously exposed to theexteriorso it will be able to pick up the slightest light beam of the day. It will therefore be processed to generate electricity. It will therefore continuously power the rechargeable batteries of the solar lamp. Even if the energy produced is not very intense, it will still allow continuous recharging. 

StreetLamp solar table lamp

In the absence of light, it's all down to battery capacity.

If the solar lamp's battery is sufficiently charged, it can operate for some time, even without direct sunlight. However, the lamp's operating time will depend on the amount of direct sunlight it receives. amount of energy stored in the battery, and the energy consumption of the lamp. It will also depend on the amount of energy needed for the lamp to work properly. As a result, it may well have one or more batteries from large capacity.

In this case, arechargeable solar lamp can be operated without sunlight if it has a battery sufficiently charged. But again, this will depend on the amount of energy stored and the energy consumption of the lamp.

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The light source: the central point of consumption

Once again, it's impossible to talk about the energy consumption of a rechargeable or non-rechargeable lamp, without mentioning its light source. Fortunately, solar-powered lamps don't have to put up with bulbs that consume a lot of energy. In their design, therefore halogen bulbs or to incandescent which are a drain on consumption. They will be replaced by LED bulbs. As well as having a very low consumptionThey do not heat up. As a result, they can illuminate for thousands of hours, with no loss of efficiency or performance.

Decorative spiral solar lamp

spiral lantern decoration: a real eye-catcher!

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À hang or to visitthere is no limit to how far this rechargeable solar lamp immerses you in its LED lighting quite subtle, whatever theoutdoor space that you have invited.

It will only ask you to do one thing: get enough exposure to the sun. daylight insunshine or not, so that it can in turn deliver its own to the nightfall.

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Another important parameter: how the solar rechargeable lamp is switched on

If there's one thing to bear in mind, it's that a the rechargeable lamp can operate when the sun emits an intense light. low lightis also the management of its ignition. In fact, it is a lighting system which often operates completely independently. In other words, it will of course have a switch. But this will not activate the bulbs in the lamp. Unlike a conventional lamp, it will put the lamp in a position of operating standby.

Subsequently ancillary equipmentthat will put its products into working order. light source. What's more, it will operate for a limited period, determined electronically. This will enableswitch off automatically the lamp, should the various ignition sensors fail to detect a signal. Among the best known are the presence detector (motion detection) and the light sensor. The light sensor works on the principle that the lamp comes on automatically when there is not enough natural light in the room. nightfall for example.

Solar hanging lantern

The solar-powered rechargeable lamp can be managed intelligently to ensure that itoptimise your energy consumption. Since this fluctuates directly as a result of the presence or absence of sunlight, it is necessary to compensate for a potential lack of resources by very rigorous management.

Another source of food to compensate for a lack of sunshine

We agree that a rechargeable solar lamp is designed to recharge itself with sunlight during the day. It will then store it in an internal battery for use at night. But some solar lamps may have a recharge via a USB port or a AC adaptor. In this case, they would not be powered exclusively by solar energy. They can therefore be considered as hybrid lamps. But make no mistake. With two different recharging modes, the solar lamp can be used together or separately.

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Take, for example, the case of a rechargeable camping light both in the sun and in USB. Before you leave, you want to fully recharge using a USB mains adapter. But at the place of use, you won't have a single socket available. If, on the other hand, the sun is shining, you can take advantage of it to make up for the loss of energy that using your lamp will cost you. On the other hand, if you stay at home, but you can use it, the connect for a recharge will be easier and quicker than exposure to the sun. Clearly, if you have the same recharging result between 8 hours of sunshine and 2 hours of connectionthe choice is quickly made. But you'll have a light source that will offer you a fine compromise.

Hanging solar camping lantern

So can we still trust a solar lamp if the sun isn't out to recharge it?

In conclusion, even if a rechargeable solar lamp cannot be recharged without sunlight, its characteristics enable it to optimise the energy it produces. In other words, it is fully capable of adapting to a lack of sunlight in a completely autonomous way. In this way, it will always be able to produce a maximum amount of energy. sufficient lighting so you can use it to your heart's content. Where sunlight is in short supply, some of them will be able to use thedomestic electricity simply by plugging it in.

But let's not forget that what we're looking for most of all with it is a natural power supply which will not add to the energy bill at the end of the month. And for this, there are all kinds ofwall lights or LED projectors for solar use only. There are even models for indoor use. In this case, the photovoltaic panel must be positioned on the outside and connected to the lamp. Fortunately, however, it is very easy to install. What's more, it will keep a fairly definitive place and provide continuous power to the luminaire's battery. 

We hope you find this article helpful and that it reassures you about owning and using a solar-powered rechargeable lamp, even during the summer months. low light as may be the case in winter 👍🥶

How can I recharge a solar lamp without the sun?
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