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Rechargeable Quranic night-light illuminates Muslim families at prayer

A Rechargeable Koranic nightlight of our collection will first and foremost provide softness in the hearts of Muslim families. Both in the light than in the prayerThe new team will be able to gather around her to share moments of friendship. faith in the conviviality. Indeed, the Koranic night-light gives off light whoselight intensity is fully adjustable. What's more, it has a range of LED bulbs with changing colours according to your wishes. Very often, the nightlight will be accompanied by a remote control to make your selection remotely.

Lunar Quranic nightlight with blue light
Cube Koranic connected rechargeable nightlight

Nightlights that recite prayers or songs

The Koranic nightlight also makes it possible to recitation prayer or the reading of religious songs. But you don't necessarily need to pre-record them on a medium or in your phone. For the vast majority of Koranic night-lightsthe prayers and songs are often already there integrated. Of course, their Bluetooth speakerTheir SD card reader and other features mean you can add your own media to existing ones. So you'll have a great freedom use of your Koranic lamp.

The Koranic nightlight can be taken anywhere

Finally, to make the most of your Koranic nightlightthe company had to be equipped with a rechargeable battery. We believe that the most important aspect of this is to be able to be transported from one room to another in your home. It's true that its original location may remain the same over time. But even so, the whole house deserves to be blessed with joy and prayer. Visit rechargeable batteries of our Koranic night-lights will enable them to be ready for use during several hours. Their reloading simple by USB cable will enable us to find theautonomy lost in the last few uses. In any case, the duration a recharge is much shorter than that of its marche. And if the rechargeable Koranic lamp is inactive for a few minutes after being lithis timer will engage its standby automatically. So you can save precious minutes for your next sessions with her.

Rechargeable projection-4 Quranic musical nightlight