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This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page

Rechargeable LED candles to create a warm, cosy atmosphere

In our collection you will find a rechargeable LED candle that will make your day. These little ambient lamps are, in fact, magnificent little decorative lanterns par excellence. Candles have always had an important place in our homes. In fact, it's easy to arrange this little decorative object in every room of his interior. It brings out the spirit of zen and relaxation. create a cosy atmosphere whatever it may be. What could be more relaxing thanswitch on a candle by the bath to relax after a long day's work. But even if a candle works with a LED bulb which does not produce flameits realism still allows it to bring a sense of adventure to the world. warm atmosphere just as his counterpart could have done.

Table decoration with candle
Rechargeable LED candles

A popular table decoration

Although the classic candle remains timeless decoration to suit all interior styles, the electric candle is becoming increasingly popular on our tables. You can even arrange a few of them on a centrepiece for a superb candlelit dinner. Or you can use them to decorate your Christmas decoration to decorate and bring out the sparkle of a tablecloth on a table specially prepared for the occasion. In any case, a decorative candle can simultaneously create a subdued atmosphere and romantic festive atmosphere. That's where its magic comes from. It produces a small flickering light warm and reassuring with its flame. The problem is that it ends up burning itself out, leaving behind a stream of wax. The LED candle, on the other hand, will work for thousands of hours without leaving any traces that might be unpleasant to remove.

The LED candle in all its familiar forms and more

Even if we could consider that our small lamp is akin to a fake candleBut the fact remains that it can take on all the shapes of the traditional candles we know. From the small model towards the greater, its imitation is still very realistic, offering the same sensations as its ancestor.

One example is the candle heater dishmost commonly found today. Generally speaking, however, a candle with an imprint of a cylindrical shape. All you have to do is decorate it with sequins and other small elements that can make it unique. What's more, an LED candle is bound to include other materials. So you can make it more than just a cylindrical candle with a light source. In fact, each LED candle can be unique. For example, it could be given a completely transparent body to enhance its lighting effects. As well as being a decorative feature, it could also be used as agift idea original. You can then let your imagination do the rest by combining all the ideas you already have for using a classic candle. You could, for example, put it on a special candle holder that you've made yourself, or why not put it in a candle jar? cup to create a floating candle. The possibilities are endless.

Rechargeable LED candle collection -3
LED refillable candles collection - tea lights

The advantages of a traditional candle without the disadvantages

Electric candles have all the advantages of a traditional candle. But above all, they eliminate their major drawback. This is none other than combustion. And combustion means the risk of fire, especially in the enclosed environment of a house full of flammable objects.

Moreover, whatever the fuel used, it can be harmful to health when exposed to high levels of it. Combustion produces pollution, and a traditional candle is no exception. Even scented candles can give off fumes that can be toxic if the wax used is not of good quality. And if you want to use them in open airBut fortunately, it's not too windy for the flame to be constantly extinguished. LED technology of our refillable candles allows them to light up so that you use a light source decorative in complete safety. Indeed, a LED bulb does not heat up and produces no smoke. It can operate for hours without burning any material to produce its light. So you can light a rechargeable LED candle and leave it unattended for a long time. long termand without any danger.

Just because a candle doesn't catch fire doesn't mean it isn't realistic.

As we've seen, a rechargeable LED candle can take on the shapes and colours of any classic candle. You'll find all kinds of candles: candlestea lights, etc. You can then put them on a chandelier or in candle holders. It would be just like having real burning candles. But even if you replace the flame of a candle with an LED bulb, the candle can still naturally return to its original light. flickerTo go further and bring out a slightly rustic style. Indeed, even if a electric candle will not be the source of white waxBut she'll still be able to make a fine reproduction. So large candle or small, you can place them just about anywhere in your home. On your tables, shelves, chests of drawers and so on. There are no limits to your imagination when it comes to creating the perfect atmosphere.

LED tea lights
Artificial candle heads

A remote control to manage lighting effects remotely

The other advantage of the LED bulb is that it allows the rechargeable candle to make vary its brightnessfrom a white light or make a colour change. It will even be able toswitch off on its own. But we agree, there's no question of getting behind each one to enjoy it all. Even more so if you've already got them all neatly arranged. Fortunately, they've solved this problem thanks to their remote control. With it, you can manage them all remotely. Whether it's to adjust their luminous intensityYou can change the colour of the light, or even set a timer for it to switch off automatically.

LED candles that can be recharged in a variety of ways

Finally, you won't need to keep buying new batteries to keep our LED candles working. They're all powered by rechargeable batteries included. Their capacity, coupled with the very low power consumption of the LED light will also enable them to have operating times from several hours before the next load. And even this one will be optimised. In other words, you'll be able to charge several at the same time. In fact, when we sell several candles in packs, they are delivered with a recharging platform for the whole set. So you'll need to place them all on the platform to recharge them all at once. After that, they can return to their original position and start a new cycle.

Rechargeable LED candle collection -1
Jar-1 rechargeable solar LED candle

A small rechargeable torch with great autonomy

In general, our rechargeable LED candles can be used for autonomy of around ten hours in continuous operation. Thanks to their battery Ni-mH or lithium batteries, they can remain on standby for thirty hours or more. So you won't have to recharge and you'll have to go through the trouble of replacing your candles each time. Alternatively, another charging option is available thanks to the sunlight. Some of our candles are very economical, as they can be recharged by themselves using a small battery. solar panel integrated. When it's time to recharge, all you have to do is position them somewhere outside under a tree. good sun angle. To recap, with a rechargeable LED candle, you'll have a decorative light source that recaptures the charm of a timeless object, without the extra cost of electricity.