The USB rechargeable lamp: simple and practical to use

USB rechargeable lamp

Needless to say, the USB rechargeable lamp is a real innovation in the way we light up today. If you thought that recharging or even battery-powered operation was the preserve of only portable lamps (torches, bike lights, outdoor lights in general...), well the reality is quite different. But beyond that, the use of the USB technology makes recharging so much easier, because it's universal and ubiquitous in today's world. In this article, you'll find out how this luminaire revolutionary and environmentally-friendly can really simplify your everyday life.

The USB rechargeable lamp for all types of luminaire

We can start by saying that the rechargeable lamp USB can be found in all luminaire categories. Whether it's to get a decorative design lamp or go hiking with a friend. torch or a rechargeable headlampAnd there's no limit to the number of ways it can be used. In fact, virtually all the rechargeable lamps in our collections can be recharged via USB.

A power supply that's not just for torches or nomadic lamps in general

The rechargeable lamps don't all need to be used only on the move. They can also be used in the home. In fact, today there are rechargeable table lamps. Although it's usual for a lamp to have a specific location depending on the room, the USB rechargeable lamp means you don't just have one. As a result, it can be used in several places. In other words, you'll never again have to determine the position of a lamp if it's USB rechargeable. It will be able to navigate from your lounge table from your bedside table to your office if you have to work beforehand.

A USB-rechargeable lamp is a great design feature.

As practical as it is, the USB rechargeable lamp is not without elegance. In terms of interior decorationThe choice of lighting has always played a major role in the overall atmosphere of a room. It can even be said that it will play a major role in the future for create an atmosphere in it. In this case, it will highlight all the other decorative objects that adorn your space. That's why you can find a rechargeable table lamp A USB flash drive with a beautiful finish and high quality craftsmanship. What's more, you can choose it according to the shape of your its lampshade or its composition (fabric lampshade, à conical lampshadecylindrical abat jour...).

In addition, it is important that the body of the lamp uses materials with a good manufacturing quality. It contains and protects the electronic components that make it work. These include, of course, its rechargeable battery to USB. L'stainless steel is a material that is often used for rechargeable lamps. Not only is it solid and protects against moisture, it also looks great. What's more, it contributes to the smooth running of a rechargeable lamp. touch lamp. On the other hand, it's a fairly cold material. But you can easily find a wooden lamp USB rechargeable, like bedside lamp for example. Wood creates a slightly warmer atmosphere. 

A luminaire that doesn't just stand still.

Choosing a rechargeable table lamp USB gives you the freedom to take it from one place to another. What's more, it's completely independence of your domestic electricity network. In fact, it can go anywhere as long as you've sufficiently recharged it. Then all you have to do is find a flat surface to put it on. Although rechargeable lamps are categorised according to their applications ( bedside lamp, desk lamp, table lamp...), they won't be limited to this one definition. There's nothing to stop you using your bedside lamp as a desk lamp, or vice versa. In the same way that you can have a candlelit dinner with a table lamp. It will then follow you on your coffee table to enjoy a film. Then finally return to accompany you to your room.

Now, for use in open airlamps were already free from the constraints of the socket outlets. For a pocket torch or a LED headlampFor this reason, an independent energy source is absolutely essential. These luminaires already need a portability. But USB charging brings significant convenience to their use. On the one hand, they can be recharge from anywhere from any device or external source that has a USB port. What's more, they can be recharged indefinitely for the entire lamp life. The alkaline batteries on the other hand, do not allow for this, as they have to be renewed as soon as they run out. What's more, as rechargeable batteries are already integrated in their lamps, there will be no need to open them.

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The USB rechargeable lamp is much more environmentally friendly than a conventional lamp or a battery-operated nomad lamp.

Regardless of the type of lamp, a USB-rechargeable lamp will be much more environmentally friendly than one that can be recharged by the mains. classic lampor even a nomad lamp which already works with disposable batteries.

A conventional lamp must remain permanently plugged in

A conventional lamp must be permanently connected to a mains supply. socket outlet. Whether it's on or off. But as soon as you go toswitch onIt will produce light until you switch it off manually. Unless, of course, it is fitted with a timer that does this automatically. But that's not really the case with older lamps. All the more so because they used to use light sources who consumed much more. These include incandescent bulbs which are still very much present. However, this energy loss can be limited, even with a lamp that has norechargeable battery. All that's needed is for it to have a light source à low consumption as a LED bulb for example. 

 Batteries are less environmentally friendly

Even with a ecological light sourcea battery-operated lamp (aa batteries, aa batteriesetc...) is less environmentally friendly. They will have to be replaced each time they complete their cycle. The USB lamp with its rechargeable battery already included, will never need it. So you're already saving money. What's more, with USB recharging, you take the extra pressure off yourself to throw more away.

After all, using disposable batteries means buying new ones and disposing of them in specific places. You can't just throw them away anywhere. So you have to go to a waste collection centre or a public place with special bins. There's even more consumption, because you have to go somewhere. And if there's no point of collection nearby, you have to take your own car to get there, which means even more consumption.

This is why there is no question of increasing the use of alkaline battery. And having more electrical appliances that work without being permanently plugged in shouldn't change that. So it goes without saying that using portable lights in the home should not increase battery consumption. That's why the rechargeable lamp, with its USB connection, helps to avoid this.

USB charging is disconcertingly simple 

Opting for a USB rechargeable lamp means opting for a method of recharging that is absurdly simple. In fact, it couldn't be simpler than this loading modeWe use it every day, without exception. The most obvious example is the mobile phone. So it's only natural that we should also use them for lighting that keeps pace with the times.

USB recharging - universal recharging 

USB recharging is universal, and the same applies to rechargeable lamps. Even though we've seen several types of USB port (micro USB, Mini USB etc...) over the years, some are still predominant. In fact, it's fair to say that for some time now, mini USB has been the predominant choice. Even though each device comes with its own USB cableWe're bound to find dozens of them at home, because we have equipment that uses them on a daily basis. But to go even further, very soon in Europe, USB Type-C ports will become the normalready for smartphones. This means that any other electrical appliance and electronics that recharge via USB, like a lamp, are bound to follow suit. In fact, we're already offering rechargeable lamps at USB type C. Here are a few examples:

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USB charging is accessible anywhere 

Whether you're at home or away, you'll always have the option of recharging your lamp via USB. No matter where you are, there's always an external source with a USB port where you can plug in a charging cable. The most common example is your laptop computer or your mains charger smartphone. If you're in the car with your rechargeable LED hand lampIf you don't want to use it in the car, and you haven't taken the time to recharge it before setting off, you can do so in your car using a cigarette-lighter socket.

Without even going that far, modern cars already have USB sockets included for recharging small devices indoors. In the end, you won't even have to worry about recharging your work light before you get there. Finally, even without a plug, sources such as external batteries only offer recharging via USB. So even in open airYou'll be able to recharge your rechargeable lamp via USB.

The batteries do not move in the body of the USB rechargeable lamp

Finally, the advantage of rechargeable batteries of this portable luminaire, whatever their composition( lithium, NiMh, Li on etc.) do not need to be removed from the body of the lamp to recharge. In fact, the lamp itself acts as a battery charger as a case. It can also use the energy from its battery to produce its own electricity. light beam. But also to give it back to him through the USB recharging. As a result, it is becoming less and less common to have to remove rechargeable batteries a LED torch for example, and then put them in a external charger appropriate.

However, there are a few exceptions. In fact, the only thing that could be criticised about a rechargeable lamp with a USB port is that it could more easily allow water and moisture to penetrate the lamp. For activities such as diving, for example, the lamps used should have a perfect sealing. Even if the USB port can be protected by a cap at rubber completely watertight, it could break under pressure. So for dive lights who are likely to be submerged for long periods of time, especially at fairly great depths, it will be preferable to have removable batteries. As a result lamp body The diving hatch can be closed completely hermetically. What's more, the waterproof with O-rings.

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But fortunately, even with a USB port, a rechargeable lamp waterproofregardless of the type of lamp, will have a watertightness index quite acceptable. So it will have no trouble withstanding a few splashes of water or dust.

Choosing your rechargeable USB lamp

To choose your USB rechargeable lamp, you need to check a few important properties, depending on what you are going to use it for, and the environment in which it will mainly operate.

Choice of USB rechargeable lamp

Determining use

First of all, you need to decide what it will be used for. If you're looking for a lamp for a specific or more general use, indoors or outdoors, you won't have the same decision to make. Even if a table lamp is versatile for indoor use, you may well prefer a lamp specifically for outdoor use. office work or for a bedside table. Similarly, if you need a light source lit continuously throughout the night in a nursery for example, a rechargeable nightlight for children will be preferable. Secondly, you may want your lamp to have a few additional functions. More often than not, it could be used as aBluetooth speaker for listening to music, or as a radio alarm clock. In fact, its light output is not the only thing it produces. 

For outdoor use, you will choose your rechargeable lamp according to your activity: cycling, camping, gardening after dark, etc... Of course, your USB rechargeable outdoor torch will need to have very different properties to indoor torches. They need to be able to withstand shocks and damp. And in some cases, they'll need to offer several luminous fluxes or also act as an external battery. 

Properties of its light source

LED bulbs are adjustable and last longer

Once you've decided what you're going to use your USB rechargeable lamp for, you can check the capacity of its light source. What you need to know is that the vast majority of our lamps operate with a LED bulbor even several. The LED technology makes it possible to flexibility in terms of luminosity. But it's also more environmentally friendly and has a higher energy efficiency. low consumption than other bulbs. Above all, they last longer over the long term. To give you an idea, we're talking about more than 20,000 hours. And, of course, you need to be able to adjust the light. It should be adjusted either by intensityor in colour temperature

Controlled brightness for a USB-rechargeable indoor lamp

Indoors, your electric lamp will not necessarily need to provide a very high level of power. great luminosity. For a bedside lamp, for example, or a desk lamp, the brightness levels products are based on 250 and 500 lumens. And for night lightsThese will be much lower. On top of this, a rechargeable LED light has several operating modes which often determine the light colour. These range from warm white to a more neutral white. Ultimately, it can reach an equivalent of daylight. However, the light is often directed downwards due to its position under the lampshade. As far as theluminous intensityIt can be adjusted by long pressure using theswitch of the lamp. In the case of a touch lampThe entire body of the switch and switch.

The USB rechargeable outdoor lamp has more than one beam of light and more power

Similarly, with regard to outdoor lampsthey will need a light output much stronger than indoors. In fact, some of them, such as camping lampor even workshop light USB rechargeable, will be able to offer more than one type of luminous flux. One will be long range as a torch. As for the other, like the LED COBwillilluminate a larger but more limited surface area. Finally, the light output is more important for this type of lamp. A torch or a headlampor even a bicycle lamp will produce this type of beam. This is because the aim is really to see relatively far. So, to choose the right USB rechargeable outdoor lamp for this type of use, the light source needs to be powerful enough. It will illuminate a larger long distance above all for a more great visibility.

Good autonomy for the USB rechargeable battery

The final criterion to take into account when choosing your USB rechargeable lamp is, of course, thebattery life. Whatever the type of charging, USB charging is no less effective - quite the contrary. Whatever the type of lamp, the USB charging lasts on average between 1 to 3 hours. This is the charging time required to reach maximum battery capacity. Theautonomy can vary between 3 to 10 hours. This time will depend, of course, on the power in watts of the light beams. Here is an example of what a table lamp represents. For an outdoor lamp such as a rechargeable LED spotlightautonomy will vary between 2 to 3 hours for an equivalent capacity. This requires greater light output.

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That's not much, you may say. But the capacity or number of batteries depends on the lamp's light output. In this way, the operating time of a USB rechargeable lamp remains attractive, whatever the application. It retains a great autonomy in all circumstances.

In conclusion, the USB rechargeable lamp is constantly expanding in a wide range of luminaires. It offers a host of benefits. Firstly, because it is a great simplicity of use, but also because it enables us to a different way of lighting. But also in an optimised way. In the end, it allows us to use only the the right amount of light that we may need in our daily lives.

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