The rechargeable wireless lamp offers a revolutionary response to our needs dlighting. Not only does it provide versatility exceptional, but it does eliminate the constant need to have a socket outlet nearby. What's more, light plays an essential role in our daily lives. Whether it's at home, at work, during our outdoor activities or even when we're having a drink, light plays an essential role in our daily lives. interior designIn a world increasingly focused on mobility, it is becoming imperative to find new ways of working. In a world that is increasingly focused on mobility, it's becoming imperative to find ways of making the most of it. lighting solutions practical and flexible.

A table lamp or fixed lamp can also be mobile

A rechargeable wireless lamp provides a revolutionary lighting solution. Visit My Rechargeable Lamp.comwe believe that portable energy (batteries, etc.) is not reserved portable" lamps such as torches or headlamps. That's why all our table lamps, which are immobile when in use, are also equipped with a rechargeable battery. That way, you won't have to look for a socket outlet for its operation. Why wouldn't it be better to use a rechargeable lamp lamp rather than a connect to mains all the time they are in use? When we know that recharging batteries of a lamp lasts only a few hours, and that its autonomy double or triple, we can only conclude that it is also more advantageous in terms ofenergy saving.

Why is a rechargeable cordless lamp useful?

Whether it's for interior decorationand workshop work or outdoor activities, the lamps are ubiquitous tools in our daily lives. Light is also essential for a variety of tasks. But where it makes sense to opt for a rechargeable LED lightis that it will meet the needs of anyone. Not only can it be easily transported from one place to another, but what's more, it mainly uses a LED lighting with lower power consumption. It is important to know that a LED bulb is more economical than a bulb conventional incandescent lamps. And what's more, there are all kinds of them available to produce luminous flux depending on how a lamp is used. So imagine this technology with a li-on battery for example, and you can position a rechargeable table lamp anywhere, indefinitely! What's more, our cordless lamps recharge mainly via USB making them even easier to use.

A wide range of cordless lamps for you to enjoy

Whether you need it for your interior lighting or for your various outdoor activitiesThere are many forms and styles from rechargeable lamps. To give you just a few examples, you can find interior lamps with a tempered luminosity that bring an atmosphere like the bedside lampsthe night lights for children or adults. For outdoor use, however, you'll find luminaires with a luminous intensity such as LED projectors or bike lights. In fact, the rechargeable lamp will be your ally every time you have to need for light in your everyday life. When it comes to work, leisure or decoration, it will bring you nothing but benefits.

Lamps for professional use too

Even for workshop work, ugood lighting is indispensable to work in good conditions. Lack of it can make work less precise or even more dangerous. That's why we also offer LED lamps which can be used professionally to support these workers in their daily tasks. Their white light will give a much better visual rendering, so that no detail is overlooked. What's more, their light output adjustable will adjust very easily from their switch. In the vast majority of cases, a single button is also used as a switch between their different lighting modes to make them as easy to use as possible.

Energy savings thanks to scalable technology

The vast majority of our rechargeable lamps, work with LED bulbs. What's more, we make sure that our selection of products uses the LED technology. Despite a very low consumption of energy, its yields are much higher than those of conventional incandescent bulbs classic. Yet many of today's homes are still equipped with them. As for the lithium batteryIt is the energy source of our lamps. It is at the heart of research in many industries today. As a result, it will continue to evolve over the coming years.

And what about autonomy? 

Since we're talking about rechargeable lampsthe question arises as to whether they can be used to autonomy. It goes without saying that if we don't branch not during their use, they must be capable of having a very high operating time equivalent to that of a classic lamp. You need to be able to rely on it when you need Well, there's nothing to worry about. A rechargeable LED lamp can have a autonomy 3 times higher, or even more, than its loading time. This means that your lamp will only draw on your household electricity for 3 hoursfor example, and that it will return it to you during 9 a.m. at least.

Everything will also depend on the lamp and its use. For example, using a table lamp with full power is not the same thing as the use of a flashlight. In the first case, this must remain a normal operating mode. In the second case, the LED torch must, in fact, produce, at that moment, a light beam very intense, especially if it has a turbo mode. The conditions under which its rechargeable battery are therefore completely different. However, this is generally a temporary activation, just like the stroboscopic which should serve as a warning. All this to say that each rechargeable lamp will react differently depending on its use.