The reading lamp in bed: why is it good for you?

Bed reading lamp

A reading lamp in bed allows you to spend last hours of wakefulness under the right conditions. Reading before bed can be an excellent way to relax. But it can also help you prepare for a restful sleep. However, it is important to have a adequate lighting to take advantage glare-free. That's where the reading lamp comes in. Using it allows you to indulge in one last pleasure during the day just before going to bed.

But beyond that, it's a luminaire which comes in very handy. People who have different sleeping times to their partner can read in bed. It allows them to enjoy the pleasure of reading without disturbing their sleep. In this article, we're going to explore the benefits of using it in more detail. Then we'll look at how to choose the one that will let you make the most of your last few hours awake.

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Reader clip-on rechargeable reading light

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This occasional lamp is ideal for working in front of your laptop while sitting at your desk, or for reading your favourite book from the comfort of your bed.

And speaking of computers, they can also be used as a power source for recharging when you're not using your LED lamp. With a lithium battery, there's no need to go to the corner shop to stock up on alkaline batteries!

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The benefits of using a reading lamp in bed

Reading in bed allows you to read in a comfortable position. In other words, you'll be able to assume a bedtime position even before you fall asleep. But more than that, this little accent lamp dedicated to reading has a number of advantages. Unlike a bedside lamp or a traditional table lamp, it has a number of advantages. flexible assets:

Easy to direct light

Reading lamps often have a flexible arm which maintains the lamp head. This means you can direct the light exactly where you need it. In other words, towards the page you want to read. In contrast bedside lamps are often not precise enough. As a result, they cannot provide an accurate optimum lighting for reading. With a reading lamp, you can adjust the height and direction of the light. So it will illuminate the pages of the book you are reading perfectly.

Controlled brightness

One of the most important advantages of a reading lamp is that you can control the brightness of the light. LED lighting. Indeed, theCeiling lights or traditional bedside lamps can often be too bright, or too dim. This makes it difficult to adjust them for comfortable reading. Reading lamps, on the other hand, are specially designed to provide a comfortable light. soft light and targeted. They allow readers to read without straining your eyes. You can also adjust brightness at your convenience, depending on the time of day or your individual needs.

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It also helps to relieve eye strain and prevent headaches. Reading lamps are also able to provide a soft, soothing light that does not irritate the eyes for this activity. They also reduce glare and light pollution. eye strainThis can make your reading experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

Compact size and low weight 

A reading lamp doesn't take up much space. For a start, it's very light, so you can easily take it to bed with you. In other words, you won't have to make room for it on your bed. bedside table. This gives you a lighting without taking up too much space. It's also easy to take with you when you travel. So it's sure to please avid readers who want to read in comfort when they're on the move.

Oster-1 book reading lamp

Oster book light: lighter than a feather

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Le lamp base has not one but two brand new fastening options to accompany any book or magazine.

No matter how thick the pages. It can be adapted to suit, either with its clip for a firm hold. Or like a pen, you can use its clip. The clip will also make it easier to remove. What's more, you get a autonomy incredible by more than a ten hours with only 40 minutes from recharge !

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There are also clamp-on lamps. These are small lamps that can be easily attached to a book or e-reader. The light will be all the more focused. They are often fitted with a clip that attaches firmly to the cover of the book or e-reader. This means they don't slip and stay in place while you read. This feature gives you a optimum lighting and uniform. What's more, it requires no additional surface or support.

Dimmable LED lighting that consumes very little energy

Bedroom darkness - reading lamp in bed

To read a book, you don't need a very powerful light. In this case, it simply needs to illuminate the pages of the book you are reading. That's why one of the most important properties of a reading lamp is the control of its brightness. brightness. In fact, you can vary its luminous intensity that his colour temperature. This is made possible by the fact that the bed reading lamp works with one or more LED bulbs. This bulb type is being used more and more. In fact, it has a very low consumption They save energy and are much more efficient. However, they are also smaller, making them ideal for use as reading lamps, in contrast to light bulbs. incandescent. Not only do they consume a lot of electricity, they are also very bulky. As a result, they are incompatible with a small reading lamp.

A reading lamp doesn't cost much 

Bed reading lamps are generally affordable and don't require a large investment. You can find quality models at reasonable prices. So there's something for every budget. But to give you an idea, they cost around thirty euros. This also includes reading lamps that work with rechargeable batteries. In any case, if you use a reading lamp that combines an LED bulb and a battery, you'll save money in the long term. Firstly, because it consumes very little energy, but also because you'll never need to change the batteries. It's an aspect that can considerably improve your reading experience.

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A reading lamp in bed: practical for staggered bedtimes

For people with different sleep schedules, a reading lamp in bed will be a practical tool for reading before going to sleep. Those who enjoy reading before going to sleep will be able to do so without disturbing their partner or those around them. Thanks to the lamp's targeted light, there's no risk of disturbing those around you. As a result, you'll find that the bedtime reading lamp is also extremely useful, adapting to different sleep schedules. 

So you can enjoy one last moment of relaxation without any qualms about your day. What's more, you won't be disturbing those who have finished theirs.

How do you choose the ideal lamp for reading in bed?

Open book - reading lamp in bed

Choosing the right type of lamp for reading in bed

Choosing the right lamp can be the key to ending the day with a good read in bed. What's more, the quality of the light you choose will help you relax, and therefore get a good night's sleep. There are several types of reading lamp, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. But for good lighting and a good reading position, it's important to consider the positioning of the lamp. Since the lamp is mobile and flexible, it needs to be able to be positioned correctly. Whether or not there is a flat surface on which to place it, it must adapt.

As a result, a clip-on reading light or neck size will be ideal for reading in bed. Whether you attach it to a headboard or to your reading material (book, tablet or e-reader), the important thing is that you can have it close to you. Of course, not everyone has a headboard. So even for the most basic of beds, the ideal solution is a very light clip-on lamp that can be positioned directly on the book. The reader can then hold it himself. Neck lamps are also appearing more and more, and can be easily positioned on the reader. The reader won't even feel its presence.

Check the flexibility of the lamp's light source

As we saw earlier, it's important to consider the flexibility of the light source for your bed reading lamp. The brightness of your portable light should be soft and subdued. This will also avoid irritating the eyes and disturbing sleep. 

Hoose LED reading lamp

Now, it's possible that the simplest of all LED lamps has a colour temperature predefined. But as long as it remains warm (below around 4,500 K), there will be no impact on reading comfort. Nor even on how easy it is to fall asleep afterwards. The same applies toluminous intensity if it is not variable. What's more, while some of the more sophisticated models allow continuous variations in these lighting parameters, you can also find a happy medium with others that have predefined lighting modes. 

Of course, all these adjustments are pointless if you don't have the option of adjusting the angle and height of your light. This capability provides optimum visual comfort. Otherwise, the position of the reading lamp should automatically illuminate the page to be read.

Sufficient battery life for a few hours of reading

Since all our reading lamps run on a rechargeable battery, the last thing to consider is the battery life. It goes without saying that these small lamps necessarily have small batteries. As a result, they will have less large capacity than rechargeable table lampsof office or campsite for example. On the other hand, this is not a problem, because unlike the latter. In fact, the reading lamp in bed will produce a very bright light. smaller amount of light of just a few lumens. The capacity of the battery is therefore proportional to the amount of energy needed by the vehicle. LED bulb. So even at full power, your rechargeable reading lamp will keep you lit for up to three hours. at least 3 hours. You can even get up to 10 hours of operation with ease. So much so that a full charge will last you 2 or even 3 nights in a row.

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Practical advice for using a reading lamp in bed

Reading in bed

How to position the lamp to avoid reflections and shadows.

The positioning of the reading lamp in bed is an important aspect to consider. It helps to avoid reflections and shadows that can tire the eyes and disturb sleep. We therefore recommend placing the lamp on a bedside table right next to the bed. Or at least at a sufficient height.

The light must be directed towards the book to avoid dazzling the eyes. Thelamp angle must be adjusted to avoid shadows on the pages of the book. But this problem doesn't even arise if the lamp has a clip. It can be attached directly to the book to avoid reflections. In short, the positioning of the reading lamp in bed will depend on the configuration of the bed. But with a clip-on rechargeable reading lamp, you'll be spared the hassle.

How to avoid eye strain when reading.

Reading is a pleasant and rewarding activity, but it can also tire the eyes. This is especially true if you do it in poor lighting conditions or during a busy day. long term. To avoid eye strain when reading, it is important to follow a few simple rules. First of all, you need to make sure you have sufficient light and well directed to avoid reflections and shadows. This is the role of the reading lamp in bed. But it's still advisable to change position regularly. It may also be important to adjust the distance between your eyes and the book. If you keep a sufficient reading distance, you'll avoid straining your eyes. Even if you go to bed after reading, you mustn't strain your eyes.

Clip-on reading lamp

How to maintain and clean your reading lamp.

A reading lamp is an essential tool for all reading enthusiasts. Like any electrical applianceHowever, it requires a minimum of maintenance to ensure optimum use. To clean your reading lamp, we recommend using a soft, dry cloth. If necessary, slightly dampening the cloth will make it easier to remove any dust or stains. 

Do not use abrasive or corrosive products that could damage the lamp. It is also advisable to unplug the lamp before cleaning, to avoid accidents. So even if the lamp is switched off but still being charged, it's best to interrupt the charging process to clean it.

Finally, when not in use, the lamp should be stored in a dry place away from direct sunlight. This will extend its life by protecting both its structure and its internal electronic components. It's also worth remembering that a battery subjected to high temperatures can explode. And therefore cause injury. With a few simple maintenance and cleaning steps, your reading lamp will be ready to accompany you on all your literary adventures.

For good bedtime reading, it's best to use a lamp with a clip.

In conclusion, using a reading lamp in bed allows you to enjoy the last moment of the day without disturbing the quality of your sleep. The soft, subdued light it emits can help you fall asleep more quickly. What's more, for people with different sleep schedules, it's an ideal tool for not disturbing those close to them during their creative leisure activities. Choosing a lamp for reading in bed is far from complicated, as long as you prefer one that uses a clip-on stand. This is the choice that provides the most comfortable positioning just before going to bed. That way, the player will already be acclimatised for a good night's sleep. And if he needs a long session to devour his favourite novel, he can count on his great autonomy.

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